Chelsey Buchanan: Giving a Voice to Prince Edward Island Women

“Why now? Though abortion access has always been a problem on P.E.I., it seems to be just now that everyone is working together to share their stories and get the message out that there is something that needs to change. The P.E.I. government is taking away the right that a woman has to their body. They are basically saying that if you can’t afford the travel and accommodations, that you’re out of luck. I felt like now was the appropriate time to step up and offer what I have.” – Chelsey Buchanan … More Chelsey Buchanan: Giving a Voice to Prince Edward Island Women

Congratulations, My American Friends!

The sun beat down on me the day I married Sandra. There was a slight breeze in the air that soothed my anxious skin. I was so nervous and jittery. Was I really doing this? Was I sure? Holy. Shit. I had met the love of my life, and while there was a time when I didn’t think I would ever be able to get married, this was it: suddenly I could. Thanks to couples who came before and fought for all of us, I had realized a sort of equality that I assumed would never be afforded me. I nervously puffed on my cigarette and looked on in awe at the arriving guests. … More Congratulations, My American Friends!